IEEE 1857 working group sponsored by Standards Activities Board Committee (C/SAB) under IEEE Computer Society is charted to create and maintain 1857 series standards to provide regular high quality and efficient coding tool sets for compression, decompression, processing, and representing of multimedia data. We are working to save bandwidth for transmission, save space for storage, speed up indexing and multimedia search and enhance performance when using mixed media for virtual reality and any other applications that demand high bandwidth.



The The 1st 1857.9 Subgroup meeting on Immersive Visual Content Coding will take place in Beijing on Jan. 31, 2016. (Jan. 05, 2016)

The 1st IEEE 1857 Forum on VR Content Coding Tech will be held in Beijing, China on Dec.18, 2015. (Dec.18, 2015)

Advanced Video Coding Systems Hardcover was published on Jan 16, 2015

Active Projects/Standards

  • 1857 -- Standard for Advanced Audio and Video Coding IEEE Std
  • 1857.2 - Standard for Advanced Audio Coding IEEE Std
  • 1857.3 - Standard for System of Advanced Audio and Video Coding IEEE Std
  • 1857.4 - Standard for 2nd Generation IEEE 1857 Video Coding (P)
  • 1857.5 - Standard for Advanced Mobile Speech and Audio (P)
  • 1857.6 - Standard for Digital Media Content Description (P)
  • 1857.7 - Standard for Adaptive Streaming (P)
  • 1857.8-  Standard for 2nd Generation Audio Coding (P)
  • 1857.9-  Standard for Immersive Visual Content Coding (P)      

Reference software

IEEE std. 1857-2013 software download.


Meetings Time Venue Resolution& Participants Meeting Notice
The 1st 1857.9 Subgroup Meeting Jan.31, 2016 Beijing, China   detail
The 18th WG meeting Dec.19, 2015 Beijing, China have a look detail
1st IEEE 1857 Forum on VR Content Coding Tech Dec.18, 2015 Beijing, China have a look detail
The 17th WG meeting August 29, 2015 Dalian, China have a look detail
The 16th WG meeting June 13, 2015 Kunming, China have a look detail
The 15th WG meeting March 20, 2015 Suzhou, China have a look detail
more meetings ...

Contact information

IEEE 1857 WG officers:

Wen Gao (Working Group Chair)
Feng Wu (Acting Chair)
Cliff Reader (Working Group Vice-Chair)
Tiejun Huang (Task-Force Chair)

IEEE Standards Staff Liaison for 1857 WG:

Soo H. Kim

IEEE 1857 Practice Team:

Haiying Xie (Secretary, mailing list)
Chunli Feng (Website)


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